What are EdCamps all about? Here are a few frequently asked questions.

What’s an “unconference”?

An unconference is just that — the opposite of a conference. It’s free, flexible and informal. Every attendee is an active participant, discussing, contributing, collaborating, and moving.

What does “participant-driven” mean? 

Participant-driven means the content of the day is decided by the participants. It’s for you, by you. A typical EdCamp starts with a session board. Participants write their ideas for session topics on cards and put them on the board. Then they vote for their favourite ideas. Organizers then take the board away, tally the votes, and create the schedule for the day using the most-voted session topics. We’ve had ideas of all kinds, from “Things that suck” to “Blended Learning” to “13 Reasons Why.”

Are the sessions moderated?

Yes. We have moderators to get the session started, and to make sure that all participants are empowered to join in on the discussion. Participants are free to volunteer to moderate; when you register, select the option. You are not obliged to moderate.

How long are sessions? 

Sessions are strictly an hour — no longer.

What if my favourite topics are scheduled in the same block?

Then go to both! Participants can move from session to session freely, so if you’re feeling the FOMO, or that your current session is going in a direction that doesn’t engage you, just vote with your feet!

How do I register?

Registration for EdCamp35 is always free — and it often includes coffee, tea, lunch and door prizes! While we do take registration at the door , we encourage registration in advance online. You can register here.

Watch the video below to learn more about EdCamps! Still have questions? Feel free to contact us!